The Rise and the Tremendous Rise of the DeFi Marketplace

Rise of the Defi Marketplace

Historically till date there have been more than 397 obituaries for bitcoin. Bitcoin Obituaries – Bitcoin Declared Dead 350+ Times (2021 Updated) ( – the most recent one calling Bitcoin “vapor”, “nothing”, etc… on Jan 31st 2021. Amongst the other names of Bitcoin have been “rat poison”, “money laundering device”, etc… However, considering the value locked up in Bitcoin, even Janet Yellen had to give a clarification to her statement after the senate hearing about Bitcoin here ( Janet Yellen Clarifies Her Stance on Bitcoin — Promises ‘Effective’ Crypto Regulation – Regulation Bitcoin News )

Nevertheless, the Decentralized finance marketplace and the Centralized finance marketplace includes hundreds of innovations

a) market driven mechanisms for stable coin issuance such as Maker DAO,

b)the consortium based issuance of stable coins such as USDC, USDT, etc. and

c) marketplaces which return interests on user deposits from marketplaces such as Celsius Network or which piggybacks on other instruments.

d) derivatives based marketplaces such as Synthetix network

e) market-maker networks such as uniswap, aave, balancer

f) staking networks that include ,

g) validator networks that include infrastructure for staking

The total value locked in DEFI exceeds 90Billion USD with the top defi protocols including MakerDAO, WBTC, Synthetix, AAVE and UNISWAP each of whose value (native tokens + combined value of the wallet) is greater than 4 billion USD.

So much for the obituary…..