Coinbase-Earn Strategy

Earn Strategy – a Coinbase company, has created an innovative way to accomplish a)crypto- education, b)getting users on its network and c) seeding cryptocurrency networks through their strategy.

Imagine, listening to a video tutorial and getting paid for it, in cryptocurrencies, that can possibly be immediately traded for USD or equivalent.

Such a strategy accomplishes multiple goals: Firstly, it promotes the cryptocurrency usage amongst new users, since many will login with the goal of earning the cryptotokens. Secondly, it familiarizes users with a new cryptocurrency platform. Finally, these tokens start seeing increasing volumes when users who hold them, start trading them. Potentially when the doles are large enough, the market value of the token would increase since this creates a demand for these tokens (even though artificially).

Some news reports claim that Coinbase is spending about 100 million USD in association with the token foundations.

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