Influential firms in the Blockchain space

Richtopia  releases a list of 100 most influential companies in the Blockchain space every week. The list can be found here, and, their ranking criterion  is supposedly a combination of the firm’s Klout score in addition to analytics of social media metrics from Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. This list is updated weekly.

Many of the firms in the top 100 list are either a) exchanges (or wallets) i.e. crypto stores, b) New coin issuers (i.e. either on a new blockchain or atop  another token platform such as ethereum) and c) applications.

The number of new coins issuers or token platforms getting into the top 100 influencer rank has reduced over the past few months, and, the number of application developers (or new applications) atop the blockchain have increased. This is a great sign of a maturing application ecosystem, which bodes well for the entire blockchain system.

However, this space has yet to outnumber the influence of the media companies operating in this space, or, the exchanges. Off the top 10 ranks, 5 are exchanges and 1 is a media company. It would definitely benefit the ecosystem if we have more applications or app-development firms that are dedicated to building smart contract apps on this list.