ICO list

What started off as a Bitcoin/Blockchain experiment of creating Cryptocoins has now started to affect new venture funding.

After the success of the largest ICO in history – that of the DAO, what we see here is this:

  1. Tens of companies and projects are choosing the ICO route to raise capital instead of seed capital, venture capital or debt.
  2. Here is a primer about modern methods of raising seed capital, including SAFE 
  3. Essentially all of these are contracts between the funder and the funded entity, that is legally enforceable.
  4. With ICO’s these rules get rewritten, since geography or jurisdiction usually no longer holds  true.
  5. Most times as in the case of DAO, investors were global and invested even small amounts of money (as little as 10$) into the funding round.
  6. Enforcement organisations such as the SEC, ESMA, SEBI, etc.. that track funding and capital raising are still ambiguous about what happens to the ICOs and capital raised.

( How do they regulate a capital raising round that is global in nature and where people issue colored coins or tokens  in return for money, using contracts that are automatically enforced on a network. )