The classic Timekeeper

The Classic Product – NOT too pricey, serves its purpose well,  while being robust

One of the most classic products which suites its purpose very well as a watch is the Timex IRONMAN digital watch. I have really thought a product as something which just serves its purpose very well, by providing you a service, beyond expectations. In fact as I think about this watch – the only one that I cared to keep safely off the 200+ watches I must have owned (or been gifted in my life) – just serves its purpose very well.

As a watch it keeps time (in fact keeps times from 3 timezones, if you set it), it can set three alarms and also time your laps (if you are an athlete or a swimmer or a biker). It also has a stop watch (counts down) and a timer(which counts up).   It is weather resistant and has worked in subzero temperatures, and also under water when I swim.

The setting of each of the times, alarms , stopwatches and timers are pretty easy. the alarm has just a single ringtone – which makes it easy to recognize..

That’s the sign of a classic product – serves its purpose well, is easy to set/configure and is weather/drop resistant.